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         Jiaxing Xiuzhou District KLG Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.; located in the beautiful Jiangnan water town of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, sales and service of automated coating equipment. The introduction of Germany's mature plunger, extrusion, screw concrete mortar and paint spraying technology, and on this basis, continuous development and innovation, the company has now formed high-pressure airless spraying equipment, screw pump spraying equipment and pneumatic spraying equipment, etc. Multiple series of products.

The company has a strong R & D team, adhere to the "innovation-driven, quality first" principle, the introduction of advanced equipment from abroad, strict control of each production process, and constantly explore and optimize product design and application, and has obtained a number of core invention patents. The company has reached a stable cooperative relationship with global suppliers, so that the company's products are trusted and recognized by customers at home and abroad!

It owns many brands such as “KLG”, “TUTEKE” and “QIANGLONG”. The products are widely used in construction, industrial and other fields, especially in plastering plaster, mortar, real stone paint, fireproof coating, polyurea waterproof coating, putty, paint, water-based paint. Innovative applications have been obtained in other materials, and the business has spread all over China's major provinces and cities, becoming the best choice for engineering contractors and builders. While providing customers with high-quality coating equipment, it also provides coating process, coating performance, Scientific analysis and suggestions on coating efficiency, surface effects and investment methods, establish a good long-term cooperative relationship with customers, and work together to build a market competitive advantage.

KLG Machinery is focused on perfection and will be a good partner with you.


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